EDIRA-2024 Building Trust Symposium

Equality Diversity and Inclusive Research Association

We are so excited to announce, that following the success, of our first Equality Diversity and Inclusive Research Association conference, we are planning a second event:

our Building Trust Symposium!
A place where EDI meets mixed methods research.

We are building on the outcomes from our research, discussions and consultations. Such as our small pilot study, which we conducted with ethical approval from the University of Chester, UK. We also received ethical approval for our EDIRA conference, which took place in May 2023, in Cardiff, Wales.

We now have a robust, impactful, and efficient model for consultation and inclusive engagement, with diverse and rare disease communities.

Our conference theme was ‘Barriers to INCLUSION’ in research. We used a ‘Communities of Practice’ approach for the consultation, and a Logic Model of Evaluation.

The participants identified 9 Barriers to INCLUSION: the lack of TRUST was a key barrier. So! With this key outcome, we have decided that ‘Building Trust’ is a fitting title for our EDIRA Symposium!

To find out more, why don’t you save the date? 21st of June 2024.
Join us at this groundbreaking event, which will be taking place in Birmingham, in the UK.

EDIRA-24 Building Trust Symposium

A safe space for collaboration

Join us to learn how to be more inclusive in your research and practice.

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