EDIRA Conference 2023

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EDIRA: Nine Barriers to Inclusion
EDIRA – Nine Barriers to INCLUSION

We are proud of the success of our EDIRA conference. We will be posting information about the exciting plans we have for the future of EDRIA!

Following on from the success of our EDIRA conference, we will be launching an eLearning course which will be FREE to our MEMBERS!

EDIRA eLearning Course

Dr Sondra Butterworth is the founder of the EDIRA project. Sondra’s research was based on exploring the relationship between Quality of Life and Social support for adults living with rare conditions. At the end of her PhD studies, she concluded that, the narrative stories of the participant’s lived experience, clearly and most definitely indicated that they were not only underserved, but often excluded.

EDIRA Podcast

EDIRA Podcast: Dr Sondra Butterworth

EDIRA conference report: Main Sponsors Couch Health

The Road to EDIR: A Road Less Travelled.

We are very thankful for to our sponsors Couch Health. Without support from our sponsors we would not have been able to put on our successful EDIRA conference.

To read the conference report, click on the picture or follow the link HERE

EDIRA Conference Supporters

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