Green Sponsorship

Green Sponsorship Poster. A diverse groups of people smiling and lifting hands up in celebration

Join the GREEN Movement

RareQoL invites you to be part of the GREEN movement.

Where sponsorship is not just about financial transactions but about fostering genuine partnerships. When funds are scarce, our skills, knowledge networks, and social capital become invaluable assets. Together, we can make a profound impact on the quality of life for communities affected by rare diseases.

Green Sponsorship. When funds are scarce, we have our skills knowledge networks and social capital to trade.

If you would like to become a member, just click the button below and join today.

Green Sponsorship Poster
Green Sponsorship. When funding is scare we support each other.

G: Generosity in Expertise In times when financial resources are scarce, the value of expertise becomes immeasurable. GREEN Sponsorship encourages professionals and experts to contribute their skills to our initiatives, enhancing the quality of our programs and research.

R: Resilient Networks Our Rare Community Network (RCNet) is a testament to the strength of resilient networks. Through GREEN Sponsorship, we build connections that go beyond financial transactions, creating a supportive ecosystem for the rare disease community.

E: Enriching Social Capital Green Sponsorship is about investing in social capital. By fostering connections through initiatives like MELD (Minority Ethnic Leadership Development), we aim to empower individuals and organizations to contribute to our collective mission and make a lasting impact.

N: Nurturing Partnerships Beyond financial contributions, GREEN Sponsorship nurtures genuine partnerships. It’s about navigating challenges together, using our collective strengths to overcome obstacles and champion Equality, Diversity, and Inclusive Research.

E: Empowering Collaboration RareQoL Learning and RISE (RareQoL Improving Student Experience) exemplify the collaborative spirit of GREEN Sponsorship. University students, professionals, and advocates collaborate to create a dynamic synergy that amplifies the reach and effectiveness of our programs.

Sondra, Libbie and Anna interviewed by the BBC about Green Sponsorship

Dr Sondra Butterworth interviewed by the wonderful Felicity Evans: Money Editor at BBC Wales

Dr Sondra Butterworth BBC Wales Interview

Libby Humphries a member of our Rare Community Network.

Anna’ Company ‘Well Wagon’, is one of our RareQoL Partners.

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