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Community: RareQoL Learning fosters a sense of community, where individuals come together to learn and grow. You’re not alone on your educational journey. We are continually developing learning resources. We will soon be offering members of our Rare Community Network the opportunity to develop their own training courses and resources, to raise awareness, provide training and development options.

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What do we offer

  1. EDIRA: Equality diversity and Inclusive Research Association.
    • We learned a lot from our recent EDIRA conference which was held in May 2023. Our expert panellists and advocates give presentations. We filmed the conference and we a busy developing training material to share the learning from the conference.
  2. RCNet: Rare Community Network
    • We are fortunate to have experts through experience, skills and knowledge as members of our Rare Community Network. We have held workshops during our meetings and the presentations and resources from the workshops will be shared on our RareQoL Learning platform.
  3. M.E.L.D: Minority Ethnic Minority Development
    • In response to the Anti-racist Wales Action Plan, we are working with partners to develop a series of leadership training mentoring and coaching sessions. Keep checking our website for details.,
    • We have been fortunate to have had 3 cohorts of students who have been on work placements with us. They have work with our community and helped with funding applications, research and social media and marketing. We will continue to work with universities offer placements for students in 2024.
RareQoL is now an approved CPD registered center.
RareQoL – CPD Registered Centre
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The RareQoL Learning Experience

Diverse Knowledge Resources

RareQoL Learning: Your Gateway to Inclusive Knowledge

Welcome to RareQoL Learning, an invaluable online resource center. Every piece of content you find here is carefully curated to ensure it aligns with the principles of evidence-based practice.

We believe that knowledge is power, and through RareQoL Learning, we empower you with the tools to make a real difference.

Group Learning

One of the cornerstones of RareQoL Learning is the power of group learning. We firmly believe that when individuals come together to learn, the experience becomes richer and more fulfilling. Our platform facilitates group discussions, allowing members to engage in constructive dialogues, share their insights, and learn from one another.

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Maya Angelou, a renowned American author and poet, had many insightful quotes about learning and personal development. One of her famous quotes related to learning is:

“When you know better, you do better.”

This quote encapsulates the idea that learning and acquiring knowledge enable individuals to make wiser choices and improve their actions. It reflects the transformative power of knowledge and the importance of continuous learning in personal growth and development.

Reference: Angelou, M. (2010). “Letter to My Daughter.” Random House.

Coaching and Mentoring

As part of RareQoL Learning, you’ll have access to coaching and mentoring opportunities led by Dr. Sondra Butterworth herself. Dr. Butterworth’s wealth of experience in community health psychology and her commitment to inclusive research make her an ideal mentor. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced professional, her guidance can be transformative.

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