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Rare Community Network:

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Welcome to our inclusive and empowering rare community network our RCNet.

We are dedicated to championing the voices of our underserved and under-represented rare disease community. We will be delighted to have you join our network, where individuals, families, caregivers, and advocates come together to connect, support, and advocate for those affected by rare diseases.

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Rare Community Network
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Rare Community Network

Within this compassionate community, you’ll find a safe and understanding space to share experiences, exchange knowledge, and find a network fosters collaboration and empowerment, allowing us to collectively raise awareness, drive research, and advocate for improved quality of life for our  rare diseases community.

Join us in celebrating the strength and resilience of rare disease advocates and champions, and together, let’s create a powerful voice that drives positive change. Embrace the connections, support, and opportunities within our network, and know that you are an invaluable part of this extraordinary community

rareqol.com membership

We have a dedicated online platform for RCNet Members.

Who can join?

a.       Individual advocates from the rare disease communities
b.       Small charities or community groups with less than £200k turnover
c.       Students

Where do you have your RCNet meeting?

We have a dedicated online platform.
We meet on ZOOM.

How often do you have meetings?

We meet every 4 months.
Special interest groups will also meet throughout the year.

What is on offer?

1.       Membership It’s FREE.
2.       Networking.
3.       Free places at our conference.
4.       on-line support.
5.       Training.
6.       Opportunities for collaboration and co-production.
7.       Coaching and mentoring.
8.       eLearning.
9.       Opportunities for income generation.
·       Consultancy
·       eLearning affiliate
·       Facilitation and presenting.
·       Joint funding applications

RCNet Members

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